The Curtis Difference what is it?

Why Purchase Your Furniture or Cabinetry From Curtis Furniture Co.?

The Curtis Difference what is it?

You are in the market for a new kitchen, bathroom cabinets, furniture or any other cabinetry. It is no small task, we understand, comparing what each company has to offer. Your job is to make sure you get maximum value for your money. Curtis is proud to offer the finest custom cabinetry available. Because you will live with your investment for years to come, we are happy to provide an overview of what you can expect from Curtis Furniture.

Curtis Furniture Co. is a full custom cabinetmaker We build every cabinet and every piece of furniture to exactly your specifications for your project. Need a cabinet 24 3/4″ wide? No problem. Need angles? Special Wood? are you trying to match an exact piece or color? No problem. This is what we do.

The Curtis Difference is that we Sell directly to you, our customer – We have no distributor or dealer between you and us to add cost to the furniture or cabinets. With Curtis Furniture Co., you get exactly what you pay for.

Does “Custom, Curtis Furniture Co.” mean that you cannot afford us?- Absolutely Not. Just because we are a custom cabinet and furniture shop does not mean that we are untouchable. Our product is built with the highest quality material as well as the highest quality craftsmanship, this does not mean that we are expensive. We price out every job individually and with everyone’s budget in mind. Surprisingly, many of our clients say that we are compared to the big box stores. This is unbelievable due to the fact that Curtis Furniture Co.’s quality is much greater! You, the customer, are getting a better quality for the same dollar amount.

The Curtis Difference is. We have our own in-house design staff – We work with you, your architect and builder to design any spec for your entire project. We come directly to your house and help you design your kitchen and or living spaces! Then, we come to take final measurements, before we start to build your cabinetry. We will always make sure the cabinetry fit your lifestyle and your home like a glove.

We have style – Our cabinetry is not just a “box”, the cabinetry looks like furniture and has style! Arts & Craft, Victorian, Early American, Shaker, Traditional and contemporary styling. We build one quality, but we have a lot of style. Each of these styles is offered with choices…Different door styles, woods, finishes, and details help you create exactly what you want for your home.

3/4″ Face Frames, Doors, Drawer Fronts & Shelves – Impressive in both look & feel, 3/4″ thick doors and frames are the hallmark of fine quality furniture and custom cabinetry.

Beaded or Square Inset Construction is an option and is the most common style for our customers – Every door and drawer front sits precisely in each opening. Flush inset cabinetry. A look like no other.

Our workmanship that is second-to-none – We hand select each board for color and grain characteristics. We hand fit every door, drawer front and face frame. All of our drawers are dovetailed front & back. The crown molding is built and applied on site when installation takes place. We take the time to build each cabinet, by hand, to your exact specifications. And it shows.

Customer Relations and Service – Our mission is to make your entire experience enjoyable. Our goal goes beyond providing beautiful furniture and cabinetry for your special project. We want you to be happy before, during and after your cabinetry is installed. To do this, we listen carefully, communicate effectively and take care of your when you have a question, concern or problem.


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