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It's all in the family...

Curtis Furniture Company represents three generations offering custom furniture, cabinets, and furnishing, we are family owned and we build every piece to your specifications.

Designing & building fine furniture & cabinetry for every room in your home since 1981.

Meet The Team


Peter S. Curtis

Owner & Founder

Born and raised in Northern New York, Peter S. Curtis began Curtis Furniture Company in 1981. He learned his trade in Epsom, NH and moved back home to begin his business. His love for woodworking while creating and designing with his hands brought him to the trade cabinetmaking. 

Peter oversees every design & cabinetmaking build that goes through Curtis Furniture. Once a design is created, he transforms that design to shop layouts for the cabinetmakers to build. This also stamps his approval on all of the pieces to his upmost quality and refining of a Curtis Original~

When Peter is not at the shop, which is very rare, Peter, enjoys working on his land with his John Deere tractor, and enjoys time with his family!

Mark P. Curtis

Lead Cabinetmaker, Project Manager

Since as far back as Peter can remember his son Mark, had a true interest in his father’s work & the cabinetmaking trade. Mark’s true talent is shown in every piece that goes through the Curtis Factory. He is a true Master Cabinetmaker & has a vision from the moment he starts building to the installation of the cabinets. 

Mark Leads his team of cabinetmakers to ensure the quality & craftsmanship that he knows will be in every piece. From ordering lumber to installing kitchens, Mark is a true Craftsman.

Outside of working, Mark enjoys spending time at his home on the Lake with his wife, and 2 children and black lab. He also enjoys all fishing- both in the winter and summer months. 

Jessica Curtis-Priestley

Designer & Sales Representative

When you visit Curtis Furniture or call over the phone, you will most likely meet and talk with Jessica. Jessica has also inherited the eye of design from her father. She works one on one with each customer to ensure that each kitchen and furniture piece is built exactly how the customer wants it. Every detail that goes into each piece is gone over and your design is created. Jessica hand sketches each piece that she designs for the customer and creates the exact design that you are looking for.

When Jessica is not designing with her customers, she is home with her 2 girls and husband. She enjoys her home and decorating, planning house projects and being with her family!

Jason B.

Cabinetmaker / Installer

Jamie M.


Nathan P.

Fine Finisher

Ralph S.

Fine Sander

We welcome you to our full showroom and to tour our 10,000 square ft. woodworking shop, where you can see first hand your cabinetry being made!